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Groups offers a comprehensive group reservation service along with a dedicated Groups Account Manager to manage your next group reservation from end to end ensuring all the finest details are all catered for!

What's considered as a group?

A group is considered as a travelling party occupying more then 8 cabins on any given cruise.

What benefits does traveling in a group offer?

Subject to the sailing selected, generally travelling as part of a group offers complimentary on board credits* and discounts*. These are subject to the sailing as from time to time selected cruises might already be offering discounted prices which offers better rates than group fares.

A cruise information night for your group - If there is 50 or more passengers travelling as part of your group, subject to your home city, upon request we sometimes offer cruise information nights for your travelling party to prepare everyone for their departure!

What discounts does travelling in a group offer?

Subject to which cruise line and sailing, travelling with a group sometimes offers discounts of up to 40% off the recommended retail price of selected cruises.

More questions? please complete the following form and one of our Group Account Managers will contact you to discuss further.

Is it hard to get a group together?

Generally... YES... as a lot of times we've heard of travellers having one group leader who's running around and going absolutely crazy trying to get everyone together... however with eSeaCruising's group reservations service, we've put together some thoughtful tools & facilities for every group leader to organise everyone together, these include:

- Dedicated Website for your group:
Upon confirming your tentative group reservation package with we will create a specially tailor made website page for your group i.e. "Mary's 50th Birthday Cruise Booking Page" with all the information, including an official invitation, cruise, cabin, ship and event information. Through this dedicated reservation page the group passengers would then be able to select & book themselves in for this cruise.

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