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Cruise Tips:

We welcome any tips from customers to share with first time cruisers or regular cruisers. Please email us

Here are some tips so far supplied by our more experienced cruisers

  •     Pack a can of Glen20.  When you first arrive in your cabin, spray everywhere and then leave the cabin for awhile. When you retire each night, spray a bit of glen20 into the airconditioning vent. Doing this may help with not catching any of the illness's that sometimes go around on the cruise.
  •     Take a long a highlighter, not only can you use it at Bingo (Saving you money on buying a dabber) you can also highlight your chosen activities on your cruise daily. If you want to keep your daily newsletters from the cruise safe to take home as a memory, take along a display book too.
  •     An idea for anyone who books an Inside cabin and does not realise how dark these rooms can be. For those who want to wake up still with the morning light a hint would be to leave your television on with no sound overnight onto the Cruise Camera channel so that when the sun rises your room will light up too.
  •     Keeping in Touch With Your Cabin Mates. Take along a mini whiteboard or a packet of post-it notes so that you can leave notes for each other on your movements throughout the day in a prominent place, for example the  mirror.
  • Pack an overnight bag to be used on the last night.  You will be required to put your suitcases out for collection on the last night.  You will need something to put your Toiletries and PJs into before disembarking.
  • Taking an infant under 24 months on a cruise?  Here is some info on the Kids Club facilities provided by an Esea customer, Renee:


  • Sea days - under 2yrs are accepted between 12.00-2.00 pm 
  • Port days - under 2yrs are accepted until around 11.00am
  • Night Owls 10.00pm-3.00am will accept children under 2yrs
  • Water nappies are allowed in the pools
  • The splash pool with slides are perfect for under 2yrs 


  •     While on the islands a useful hint would be to take reef shoes for swimming and walking on the beach as you don’t want to be stepping in coral. Also a nice gesture would be to take along some gold coins for the islanders as many ports have groups of people singing with a donation box in front of them as it is only a couple of dollars to us however the small amount means a lot to them


  •     New cruisers are often unaware of the theme nights offered on some cruises. An idea is to take some inexpensive accessories on the cruise with you. Some of the theme nights include Country Western, Island Night, 70’sNights, Rock and Roll Night and Pirate Night.


Here are some tips from an EseaCruising customer who sailed on the Dawn Princess

- Tipping: unlike other cruise lines, Princess does not have a guideline or policy (at least for Australian based cruises). This took me by surprise, as any other line I've travelled with did (Royal Caribbean, NCL and Costa) My suggestion is to look at guidelines from other lines, get CASH from the Guest services Desk or the Casino and put it into the envelopes available from Reception. Cabin attendants, waiters and assistant waiters work so hard, they deserve to be recognised.

- Cabin: Dawn Princess, being a middle age ship, cabins are on the small side of the range. Storage was enough for two people for a two week cruise, but don't expect abundance of space.

- Power plugs: ther is only ONE Australian plug in the room, one American and one Asian. Take a multi-power plug with you and you'll be fine in terms of recharging cameras, mobiles, tablets, other useless electronics and hair dryers.

 -Self Service Laundry: This is a GREAT idea from Princess, not available on other lines. There are washing machines, dryers and an ironing table in each deck. My advice: use them as EARLY on the cruise as you can. Towards the second half of the trip, they were hard to get and people rushed to use them. Take clothes for one week and wash them. No one will notice it ;)

- Ports: New Zealand is an amazing country and a cruise will prove it. The ports we visited (Akaroa, Dunedin,, Wellington, Tauranga, Napier, Auckland and of couse, Fjordland National Park) are OUT of this world. This cruise will make you admire that our friendly, lovely, kiwi neighbours are a hidden jewel in the world. You will fall in love with NZ and wish to kwow more and more about it. Kiwis are friendly, easy going, charming people; we are lucky to have as neighbours!!!! IF YOU ARE A LORD OF THE RINGS FAN: keep reading. Tauranga offers 6 hour tours to Hobbiton. Now, most websites tell you there is nothing left and you have to "imagine" where the movie was filmed. NOT TRUE! Hobbiton has been fully rebulti for The Hobbit movie and all the hobbit houses, pub, lake and trees are there! It is like stepping into the movie, it is absolutely awesome!!!!!!

-Dining: We were assigned initially in second dining seating. We requested to be moved to first seating and it was not a problem. Being a cruise with mostly Aussies we found that making friendships was pretty easy. DON'T be worried for seating with six or eight strangers for dinner; 90% chances is that they are lovely people you will want to stay in touch with! My advice is to get first seatting as it allows you to do more activities at night.

-PIZZA!: La Scala Pizzeria is AWESOME!!! You have to try it, is is delicious, crispy, thin, decadent, delicious!

-Steakhouse: TOP quality steak, personal attention, choice of salts and sauces, great experiene.

With thanks to Gerardo for these tips.

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